High-Speed Internet Service

High-Speed Internet Service

DSL Service not available in all areas. Call 1-888-857-5080 to check availability

CenturyLink Residential DSL Service

Speed Price
256k / 128k $32.95/month
512k / 128k$37.95/month
1.5mb / 384k$43.95/month
3.0mb / 512k$59.95/month
5mb / 640k$68.95/month

CenturyLink Business DSL Service

  • Requires purchase of DSL Modem
  • Static IP Addresses Available
  • No Contract or Setup Fees
512k / 128k$49.95/month
1.5mb / 384k$69.95/month
3.0mb / 640k$90.95/month
5mb / 640k$105.95/month

DSL Modems / Maintenance Plan

Modem TypePricingNotes
4 port modem/router$65.00 + TaxConnect up to 4 computers
4 port wireless modem/router$75.00 + TaxConnect wirelessly
Modem Maintenance Plan$2.00 / MonthModems have 90 day warranty